Hearing Aid Productsin Florida

Taylor & Associated Hearing offers a wide variety of products series, each with personalized adjustments and customizations to fit your hearing needs, comfort, and lifestyle.

Halo TruLink App   3 Series   Xino   Hearing Aid   Mini Rite   Waterproof Hearing Aid


Halo are advanced, feature-rich hearing aids designed to help you hear everything better even in today’s challenging environments. They are also engineered to work specifically with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

3 Series

Wireless technology with advanced features to enhance speech clarity in noisy environments. They can stream sound directly from your TV, radio or computer to your hearing aids. Designed to maximize performance in the challenging environments patients deal with today, making people's voices come in clearer and every environment sound better.


For the patient looking for more cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality. Contains technology that automatically recognizes & reduces noise for more comfortable listening in loud environments, and with better amplification of speech without the background noise.


The saying “good things come in small packages” fits in well with the Xino hearing instruments. These are tiny hearing aids with big benefits, packed with the latest technology. No one will even know you’re wearing it.

Oto Lens

If you thinking hearing aids should be used to hear but not be seen, the Oto Lens is for you. This is the first invisible, in-the-canal aid featuring the most advanced technology on today’s market. This device is inserted into the ear canal at the office and once it’s been activated, you may forget it’s even there. Designed with comfort and discretion in mind, the Oto Lens is a popular and effective hearing aid product.


Designed to give better hearing with less fatique and more clarity, directionality, and connectivity. It can be personalized, with more detail and automation than ever, to fit your unique hearing profile and lifestyle.


The most advanced mid-level device ever. It adapts to your personal listening needs & the way you like to hear. It helps you to differentiate sounds better and hear more, even as you move from one difficult hearing environment to another.


Essential Technology on a budget. It features automatic operation and a full range of styles and colors. It provides the extra amplification you need while minimizing background noise & helping you to focus on speech while cutting down on feedback.

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